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  • Guangzhou force building model design co., LTD
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  • Bo villas
  • Chairman of the state、CPC central committee general secretary xi jinping to visit the guidance
  • Shenzhen planning
  • The bird's nest
  • The Olympic park
  • Hai bo fort
  • The mountain villa
  • JingXiuHao division
  • Wanda plaza
  • Model of the tent
  • Waterproof model
  • Model of the map
  • Chang MAO in the spring
  • Catering model

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      Guangzhou force I model co., LTD. Is a collection of building model design and production、Model material development research and landscape design, which integrates professional model company。One of China's powerful model making company,With keen innovation thinking、Exquisite technology、Considerate service reputation in the industry rapidly!In order to achieve“The pursuit of excellence quality,Chinese good model in China!The enterprise core idea。For the designers and developers of architectural landscape further scrutiny of the research。Company covers the real estate project Model、Urban planning model、Industrial model、Bidding plan model、Working model、Landscape models、The teaching model、Machine model、And advanced sound、The light、Electricity multimedia model。
      The company now has high-quality model industry、A high standard of building model,And rich experience、Skilled environment landscape architect and lighting designer,Adopt imported high quality model and equipped with a laser cutting machine、Precision engraving machine for work to provide a strong quality assurance,Figure, all my colleagues look forward to working with you hand in hand altogether will create the next more wonderful、More influential works ...[ More More ]

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